Friday, January 13, 2006

To Do List

things I need to do... yesterday!

1. Get renter's insurance so that I can renew my lease
2. Get a dental provider from my plan, set up appt.
3. Get my car inspected and the oil changed
4. Get my hair cut again...Halloween was a while ago now!

I guess my hair can go awhile, but everything else is overdue for attention! I hate it, sometimes I just seem to wake up and realize this stuff all at once, like where was it last month? Budget-wise this is gonna kill me... the car alone will be what, 60 unplanned-for dollars? And I really wanted to set up a black-out curtain in the bedroom to block that apartment-complex-orange-glow that comes in at night. that's why I'm setting up a budget though, so that I can absorb random costs more easily and not be hurt by them. This pay-period didn't go so well with the budget. I paid D back for the presents he got for KK and Little Bro, and I had to break into my account to get gas instead of using cash as planned. But, it's the first month, it'll get better.

Good news...the desk is basically done! This weekend it is coming upstairs into its new home. We just need drawer pulls, that's it. It's indescribably weird to have something go from being a graph-paper plan to being a real live (not live...but you know) thing, looking exactly as I thought it would. I can't wait to see it in action.

I'm still a little sick, with a cough and phlem and stuff. The antibiotics have been an unqualified disaster. First of all, I'm having lots of side-effects that are unmentionable in their awfulness. I mean, most bacteria in the body are friendly little guys that do important stuff for you, like manage the digestive system. Killing them all off just isn't good. Night before last, I was trying to swallow the pills (with yogurt) and one got stuck square in my throat-- couldn't get it down or out for anything. D was out walking the dog and I thought "oh great, I'm going to die in the kitchen..." Well, I didn't choke to death but I ended up throwing up the pill and a lot of yogurt onto the kitchen counter. Disgusting and painful...antibiotics are dangerous.

I have to go to a stupid bank rally tomorrow and wear a t-shirt that is the exact color of my junior-high gym uniform. Just how I wanted to spend my Saturday afternoon and evening. I'll be glad when Sunday gets here.

On a better note... 3 days till my birthday! Yay!

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