Friday, January 27, 2006

Baby blues

Tonight was dreaded Bank Meeting Night. Blargh. Good news though-- our "6" audit score is leading the region; most branches got 2s or 3s. Losers.

My co-worker Diana's little grandbaby was born yesterday and we were all exited about it, but today it turns out that she needs a heart surgery right away-- something's not right with part of it, and she doesn't get any oxygen to her blood or something. Diana 's understandably upset about it, especially as she can't see the baby in the NICU without one of the parents, and her daughter is still recovering from her c-section.

The whole thing pisses me off a little because it's so typical of our stupid, medicalized way of handling pregnancy and birth. They told her that the baby was getting "too big" in utero, and that her labor should be induced. Thehy chemically induce her, and the baby goes into shock or something because of the faulty heart--although they didn't know anything about that at the time. So, they do an emergency c-section and the baby turns out to be 5 pounds something; not even 6 pounds. Less than 20 inches. This is the baby they thought was so big that it needed to come out early, or at least earlier than intended? It's not even average-sized. That poor little thing could probably have used another week in utero and a few more ounces before having to undergo an open-heart surgery.

We're having an impromptu grandma-shower for Diana at work tomorrow. It was going to be at the meeting tonight but she skipped it to be at the hospital instead. I had to tell her about it b/c she thought that Jennifer (our recent assistant manager) was pissed off at her for missing the meeting when she was just dissapointed about the shower. so. Must bring cheesecake to work tomorrow.

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Benjamin said...

Hmmm. Talk of babies. I'm so lost. Don't know what to say.

I hope that tiny, little baby is going to be alright.