Wednesday, September 20, 2006


One of my co-workers is preparing to take the LSATs, the test to get into law school. Part of the test encompasses these intricate logic problems, like this:

Six paintings hang next to each other as shown. Each of the paintings is either an oil or a watercolor. Each oil is directly beside, above, or below another oil. Each watercolor is directly beside, above, or below another watercolor. Each painting is either a 19th- or a 20th-century painting. Each painting is directly above, beside, or below another from the same century. Painting 2 is from the 19th-c. Painting 3 is an oil. Painting 5 is a 20th-c.

Then they ask all these multiple choice questions about the above. Anyways. My friend asked me to help her work out these problems and work out the ways in which to solve them quickly... she said that 'of all the people she knew', she thought I'd be the most able to figure them out. Which I found immensely flattering! Considering that I've never taken any grad-school-level exams or anything like that. Flattering enough for me to work through them all, anyways. I'm meeting up with her in a bit to go over them.


Bex said...

ahhh! I love logic problems, I sometimes do them for fun. But then again I'm a huge dork/nerd.

Benjamin said...

When you're done, can you come over and help me study math homework?

Mara said...

Mara = huge dork/nerd

that equation was established long ago and proven beyond doubt. I enjoy them too. And yes Ben, I'd be happy to help you with your math!