Thursday, September 28, 2006

Customer Service: the good, the bad, the ugly

I closed my bank accounts today, accounts I've had open for 7 and 9 years, respectively. The guy at the bank was like a robot: no small talk, no how are you, nothing. He did not ask *why* I wanted to close my accounts after 9 years of being with this bank-- something I would want to know if I were him! The reason being, of course, that there are no branches outside of Texas, and because I get lots of free accounts at the bank I work at. It was like being in the land of the personality-free.

But then I went to Sears, to get my oil changed, tires rotated and etc for the trip. I mean, for my car. And the guys there were so nice. They fixed the trunk of my car-- which has been broken for minths-- for free. It took all 3 of them maybe half an hour, and they didn't charge me a dime. I just had to drive down to the dealership to buy the part. I think they were bored because they didn't have a lot of other cars to work on at the time.

I told Don about it and he says that from now on, any time he needs work done on the truck he's going to send me, instead.


Don and I officially have a place to live in Charlottesville, so we can cross that one off the list. The movers are coming on October 9th to pick up all the stuff. Dad and I leave on the 13th. And that's that for Texas.


Bex said...

Cute stuff Mara strikes again! Get those boys to do your evil bidding.
That's great you got a place! It's nice when things come together. The stress just falls away.

Amanda said...

Jordan's the same way when it comes to us needing extra cash..we'll usually sell some cd's and the like and he always wants me to go in and work my charm. The funny part is that now that i'm pregnant, I feel like a scuz and rather stupid if I try the "cute but broke" schpeal... ha.

Mara said...

Seriously, I think they were just really bored.