Monday, September 11, 2006

Quick Update

Not too much to say right now really. Don was in town ever-so-briefly, i got all of 28 hours with him before he went back to Virginia. Now I won't see him until I move out there as well. And I had kept telling myself before that it was no big deal, I'd see him in September.... well that's over and now it's like 5 weeks at least. Ah well. Can't be changed. At least we had fun when he was here.

We saw Little Miss Sunshine, which is really, really, gut-bustingly funny. Highly reccommended for anyone that likes dark comedies.

Insert: the cat just knocked an empty cardboard box down the stairs and scared the crap out of me. It's just the three of us here in the apartment and it's all quiet and calm when whoosh-thump-thump-thump.

I'm afraid that my sister and I will be having confrontations tonight, or soon anyways, which scares me. I'm bad with confrontation in my personal life. so yeah.


Benjamin said...

I'm sure this is a tough time for you. Enjoy it while you can, though. I mean, seriously. You could look upon it as some kind of adventure. Looking back, you'll treasure your brief solo odyssey as a precursor to your married life. Sort of like Mara's Lost Weekend.

Mara said...

I am actually. In a strange sort of way.