Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I just spent the last hour and a half in bumper-to-bumper traffic coming home from a dinner. One hour to go 2 miles! I can walk faster than that! I don't get aggravated usually when driving, but this was awful. I drank lots of iced tea at the restaurant and had to pee really bad, and my shifting leg hurt, and my car was running hot. And I used maybe 3 days' worth of gas in the stop-and-go idling traffic. I don't even know what happened to snarl everything up, but it must have been really bad. But. I'm home now... let it go...

On the bright side today was one of those really good days off, when lots of stuff gets done but there's goofing off too, so that either way it's not a wasted day. A guy from the moving company came over at 8:30 to inspect the apartment for an estimate on the move. 8:30 wouldn't be too bad if I hadn't had to get up extra early to finish cleaning up-- not so much to look good as to make it easier to see what we had to move. He left about 9 so I went to the laundromat, washed and vaccuumed the car, and bought groceries. All before noon!

I've been contemplating a career change lately, but I'll talk about that in some future blog. No point getting ahead of myself.

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Benjamin said...

Traffic sucks, indeed.

Career change? What career change?