Sunday, September 24, 2006


Some people have long-distance relationships. This is not something I can understand, because it is the worst of both worlds: being single and being coupled. When you are in a relationship you have sex on a regular basis. Good sex (because why would you stay with someone if it wasn't good?) with someone you love-- what could be better? And when you're single it might not be that regular but every day there is the chance that you will meet someone, or that a previously unexplored relationship will turn into sex right before your eyes. The possibility for sex is always there-- new, exiting, unexplored sex. To be single is to not know what the evening holds for you when you get up in the morning.

But being in a long-distance means that you're not getting any from the man you love, and that there are no other possibilities either. Which sucks more than words can describe. I was at a party on friday night (or very early Saturday morning) talking with --among other people-- three very attractive guys when I suddenly realized that I haven't had sex in forever and won't again for some time. It was a depressing realization, to say the least, and a signal that it was time to head on home, to my sad empty aparment and needy pets. Because drinking and talking about sex with attractive guys is really just frustrating.


Benjamin said...

I'm not sure which "attractive guys" you mean, but I'd imagine they're all sexually frustrated, too. So look on the bright side. At least, you have Don waiting for you at the end of your trek. Some of us will likely be alone and celibate forever.

Mara said...

See the above section on "single". Live it up, Ben!