Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bit by bit

Things are starting to fall into place. Don and I *almost* have a place rented. This is harder than it seems because he has terrible credit and no recent apartment history. I have a little of both, but awful income. I'd think that together, we'd equal a safe bet, but . . . *almost*. I'll find out tonight I think. It'll be such a relief-- we never thought it would take this long to get this sorted out-- we want a move-in date of October 1st and it's already the 27th of September.

Once I know for sure that we have an address and a move-in date, I can call the movers and get that set up. I can arrange my trip out there with my Dad (looks like we're leaving Friday the 13th-- yay) and order checks and God knows what else.

I may have a job possibility. Nothing fancy, just a part-time teller position with the same company. I think I'm a shoo-in: they need a teller, I'm *already* a teller, with lots of experience and a proven track record. I'm scared though because this branch seems too tiny to exist: three employees and only open 9-2 M-F. So that 25 hour position is all there is, there: not much opportunity to move back to full time. But this company pays full benefits at 20 hours so that's all ok. I'll have to try to get another part-time job to fill the money hole, but since I don't know anyone there I'd basically rather work 50 hours a week at 2 jobs, than sit and home and mope around. I just don't want my income to go down, because it would counteract our main reason for moving which is Don's promotion (and raise). If his income goes up, but our cost of living also goes up and my income drops, we're no better off than before. If we can keep the COL the same and my income the same or better, then we're doing better. We have some major financial goals looming in the near future and are trying to save money towards those ends, so any decrease in income right now would be bad.

So if I can work 9-2 every weekday at the bank, and pick up another job working maybe 3-11 three times during week, I could maintain my benefits, increase my income, and still have my weekends to be with my sweetie. Would I have the energy? Only one way to find out, really.

I feel ok and cautiously happy, but if I could just get definite confirmation on either the house or the job (and especially the house) I'd just be so relieved. Is moving always this hard?


Benjamin said...

Maybe you can get a second job at Borders. You'd get discounts on your mochas.

Mara said...

No Borders in C-ville, remember?

I'm going to try the B&N and the Starbucks, and the local coffee-houses instead.

For the same reasons.