Monday, September 04, 2006

May There be "Interestin' Creatures" in the Afterlife

So I don't usually talk about Outside Events in my blog, or actually anything wider than my own little life, but I'm so blown away by the death of Steve Irwin that I'm breaking my own habit. I kind of thought old Steve was immortal, or close to it... never thought one of his beloved critters would do him in. He was such a unique character, with so much interest in, and affection for, the animals that most of us fear and avoid. He makes me think of Hagrid in that way-- convinced that dangerous animals were merely misunderstood, and that with enough education we'd all love them. Just not as big and hairy. I only wonder whether he thought that he'd never be seriously hurt by his animals, or whether he knew that his lifestyle would one day be the death of him, for better or worse, and was at peace with that? Either way, 44 years is much too young for someone like Irwin, so full of youth and curiosity. He worked hard to make the world a nicer place for all those crocs and spiders and things.

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Benjamin said...

Thank you, Mara! I agree whole-heartedly! Mr. Irwin was a big hero of mine. I never made the Hagrid connection, but that's a really good comparison. I like that a lot. I think I'll use it as a defense against anyone who says that old "Crikey" was a fool and got what he deserved (as I have heard some people say). Personally, I loved this man, was thrilled by his TV show, and thought his mission was admirable. He really did seem invincible, didn't he? It's sad to see such a lively fella die so young ... but, at least, he shook off this mortal coil whilst doing what he loved to do. Thanks for the excellent tribute. All hail the Crocidile Hunter.

Hagrid, indeed. I love that. Just love it. This gives me an idea ...