Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm not hormonal, you're just a bitch

It's an interesting phenomenon to be both pregnant and losing weight; something tells me that it's a very temporary situation. As it is, though, I do not 'feel pregnant' yet. I have already searched back though my blog trying to determine exactly when I started feeling a pronounced change with the other pregnancies, and I'm not behind schedule yet; but what does that really mean? The problem with looking back and comparing to the others is that, you know, I lost those ones so they probably aren't the best comparison.

I called my doctor's office yesterday... I'm not so happy with them at the moment.

Receptionist: mumble mumble mumble OB-GYN, can I help you? (sounds like she's eating something)
Me: Yes, I'd like to get a call back from either one of the doctors or the NP, please.
Receptionist: Well, what's it about? Why do you need to talk with them?
Me: (none of your damn business, just take the message) I'm pregnant again and would like to ask them a couple of questions and maybe get some advice, based on my chart.
Receptionist: Um, have you had "problems" before? (i.e., stop being an anal control freak and just make your 8-week appointment like everybody else.)
Me: Yes, I MISCARRIED both of my other pregnancies and would very much like to not have that happen this time. (Does that count as a "problem", you self-important bitch?)
Receptionist: I'll see that someone calls you.

Nobody called me back yesterday. Looking back, I may be feeling a wee bit hormonal after all. If they call today it will be awkward as I am not being pregnant at work yet. And the reason I called in the first place is that they seem to be of the habit of not calling back with test results if those results are normal. Well, I was tested for all sorts of things after the last miscarriage and I want to know those numbers. HOW normal? Right in the middle, or borderline? I would sincerely hope that if anything in my test results indicated that special care needed to be taken with subsequent pregnancies, they would have informed me of such. But it's a busy practice, filled with patients who are actually pregnant, so I can't trust them so completely. Also, I need them to re-prescribe my progesterone supplements; right now I'm using up what's left from last time and I have one refill left on the scrip, but it won't be enough to get me through April. (Because nothing says, "yay! preggers!" like a vaginal suppository, really.)

I also called a midwifery practice in town that only does homebirths. If all goes well in the next few months, I just might be delivering this little one right here. (She called me back within a half-hour, and talked with me for probably thirty minutes.)


ayla said...

I loved my homebirth midwives. I would call back the one you spoke with and ask which practices work best for her as back-up providers (ie, don't give their clients a bunch of shit for wanting homebirth or natural birth). My backup was fabulous when it came time to transfer, and if I'm pregnant right now (it's a possibility) then I'll be skipping the homebirth part and going straight to them for prenatal care. There are other practices in the area, that are cheaper, that are known for being hostile towards homebirthing mamas. Those in the know, know.

Mara said...

It's the same practice. The OBs I'm with currently, I chose because they have the reputation for being the best in town, especially for natural births. The doctors are great, it's just the receptionists that drive me nuts...I'm really only considering switching because I'd rather be at home than in the hospital.

Wait, did you say you might be PREGNANT?!

robina said...

i hope you get to do it at home! best. experience. ever.

if ever -- closer to your labor, perhaps -- you want to read my birth story lemme know -- it's on my livejournal. :)

Mara said...

I would love to! I love reading birth stories... usually.