Thursday, February 14, 2008

But It's the Color of Love

You people are so nice and funny that it makes me cry. But then, I've cried three times in two days, which is more than I've cried in maybe the past five months or so. I think I'm more pregnant in brain (hormones?) than in body at this point. I've also felt the urge to kill my two coworkers, Don, and both dogs, but unfortunately that can't be described as unusual for me.

Don and I* have been attempting to incorporate more vegetables into our lives (by eating them). We used to be pretty much broccoli/green beans/ potatoes/corn/etc all the time but have been working on making spinach, chard, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and others a normal part of our dinners. For me, it's all about personal and prenatal nutrition; all nutrients are better absorbed from food than from supplements, so (while I am taking vitamins religiously) I am trying to meet my need for folate, beta-carotene, and iron through real things like vegetables and lentils. For Don, it's my attempt to prevent little annoyances like heart disease and Alzheimers. (You think about these things when marrying an older man, seriously.) So last night, I attempted beets.

Everything went well with the beets; I even called a vegetable expert to make sure I was cooking them correctly. Don liked them, I liked them, until this morning when my pee was beet-red. Six in the morning is too darn early for freaky-colored pee-- and mine's already fluorescent from the prenatals.

*Of course it's just me. Don would be happy to eat beef and potatoes every single night, with maybe chicken and corn as a alternate. But if I cooks it he eats it.


ayla said...

Yeah, i don't do beets. They frighten me. Kale and chard and spinach I do. Just not beets.

Mara said...

Try them, they're not so scary! And it's rather amusing how the kitchen looks like a crime scene afterwards.

I had the leftovers cold with some vineagrette and they were really tasty! Nothing like the canned ones, seriously.

Kohlrabi and eggplant frighten me. I just can't work with those.