Monday, February 11, 2008

How much do jeans weigh, anyways?

Imagine that your period is late, but the pee-sticks are negative. Would you feel:

a) confused
b) annoyed
c) wildly hopeful
d) frustrated at yourself for being so hopeful in the face of a NOT PREGNANT test
e) pissed off (hehe) at using up valuable, expensive home pregnancy tests
f) all of the above

If you answer f (all of the above), then you win!

In other news, I stuck with my plan to walk every day last week, even the early days and weekend. I have lost the weight of my clothes, whatever that is; last Sunday I weighed "x" while nekkid, yesterday I weighed the same amount fully clothed. So whatever my jeans and sweater weigh, I now don't. My long-term goal is to remain in the same size clothing (8 and/or 10) so that I don't have to buy new pants. I have not weighed Alice to see if she is also benefitting from the increased exercise, although she is enjoying it very much.

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