Monday, June 04, 2007


tr.v. con·sum·mat·ed, con·sum·mat·ing, con·sum·mates
a. To bring to completion or fruition; conclude: consummate a business transaction.
b. To realize or achieve; fulfill
a. To complete (a marriage) with the first act of sexual intercourse after the ceremony.
b. To fulfill (a sexual desire or attraction) especially by intercourse.

adj. (kn-smt, kns-mt)
1. Complete or perfect in every respect: consummate happiness. See Synonyms at
2. Supremely accomplished or skilled
3. Complete; utter
Word of the Day brought to you by the newly married, illustration by same.


Bella said...

You look absolutely fantastic! I want to see the rest of the dress. and that is a great picture, by the way, and perhaps should be the photo in the dictionary next to the definition. :)


Benjamin said...


You look absolutely gorgeous!

Mara said...

Thanks Y'all! More pictures to come, I promise!

ayla said...

Congratulations! You look wonderful! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!