Thursday, June 21, 2007

So Far...

It's good.

The pregnancy.

So far, anyways.

HCG is good, at least.

Progesterone went down between the two tests (which is bad, for you novices), so I'm getting a supplement for that. It's something that can be fixed, ammended. It could explain what went wrong last time, which makes me sad. Sad, because with a miscarriage the odds are that the embryo was fatally flawed and couldn't develop but there's also a chance that it's the mother. I had thought that (statistically speaking) my little grain of rice was too damaged to live, but now I am thinking that perhaps it was perfect but my imperfect body smushed into nothingness.

The results reaffirm my decision to get these tests done ASAP-- ends justifying means etc. It makes me forgive the awful hospital nurse (or possibly someone masquerading in ugly scubs) who attacked my veins this morning and then blamed me for her inablity to find my veins. Peace, bad-nurse lady, I no longer care.


Benjamin said...

Well, congrats for the good news! I still maintain that Benjamin is a fine name for a lad, and I will be happy to kill anyone you know with that name in order to make it kosher.

Mara said...

Yes, because naming my child after either a murderer or suicide is going to be just so much better, karmicly?

Lauren Prairie said...

I posted a week or two ago here. I got a BFP last week and looks like you did, too!! Neato! I'm so happy for you.

Mara said...