Monday, June 18, 2007


I called the nurse-practitioner as planned, panicked as predicted. She is very calming and I am going in for blood work tomorrow and Thursday. So that's all good I guess. Proactive at least. They can check my progesterone levels and supplement if it's low, and do a quantitative hgc-- you know, to make sure that I'm really preggers as opposed to completely delusional. Although it would be hard to illusion waking up at six in the morning absolutely starving. And simultaneously nauseous! Let the fun and games begin! Right now I feel that I'd rather be miserable than asymptomatic-- more symptoms= more hormones= better, right? Anyways.

Driving home from darts last night:

Don: Speed up, hon. You're going five miles under the speed limit now... We're going to get pulled over if you don't get up to speed.

Me: The car slows down when I'm tired. It understands me.

Don: Great. We're being passed by a scooter.

Me: Clearly a motorcycle. Not a scooter.

Don: Scooter

Me: Motorcycle!



Repeat as needed until we come up behind the scooter at a red light. But you know, if he wants to drive home from the bar he's more than welcome to drink water like me...

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ayla said...

Good luck at the NP. Hopefully everything will be fine and you can tell us all about it. As for your DH, I'm a worse backseat driver than he is. LOL.