Thursday, June 21, 2007


A doctor's office should not call someone and leave a message that says nothing except,

"Hi Mara, this is the such-and-such OB-GYN offices-- could you give us a call back at ___=____?"

They should always say WHY. Or whether it's important. Or something. Because even though I was diligently checking my phone every hour, I missed it and couldn't call back until after they closed.

Is it, "Please call back, everything is fine."? "Please call back, we need to get some information from you"? Or "Please call back, you're on the way to another miscarriage", or "Please call back, we have no idea why you think you're pregnant and are referring you to a psychiatrist instead"? Darn it, these people should know that I'm neurotic and fragile, and sitting here counting the minutes until they open back up for the morning. I think I know what it is, because they never asked for my date-of-first-day-of-last-monthly-period-- what I call the start-date-- and without that date, the quantitative numbers from the lab work won't mean a whole lot. But they could have mentioned that in the voicemail and saved me the trouble of staying up late at night, imagining all the different phone conversations we could be having shortly...

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