Monday, May 21, 2007

Too Much Information?

Heh, it's my blog and I'll over-share if I want to!

Anyway, we have ACHIEVED PERIOD, people! That's right, the strange limbo-stage between miscarriage and next period is over, we are back to Day One! I have never actually been thrilled to get a period before, it's a strange emotion. But not only does it put us back on track to trying to concieve, again, it means that by the WEDDING on Saturday, it will be all over and done with-- no horrible combination of bleeding w/ satiny white wedding dress and dozen relatives/ in laws to consider. Nice. So, um, welcome to my inner-most thoughts, ya'll.

Everything else is ticking along nicely for the trip. We bought the rings-- mine is just a very simple, plain band that accentuates the engagement ring. Don's is a much more interesting hunk of metal. Almost industrial-looking. It's hard to describe so I'll take a picture when we get them. I love the jewelry store where we got them, it is the kind of place that I can imagine coming back to over the years. The collection is unique, hand-made; the people working there amazingly knowledgable.

Doing laundry and packing tonight and tomorrow. Cleaning the house. Updating Cathy's shots. Grooming: wax eyebrows, legs, get nails done. Hey, I'm only planning on doing this whole wedding-thang once.

As far as waxing, though: (to fit the theme of sharing way too much...) Having had it done once before, a few weeks ago, my initial reaction was that PAYING someone to cause this kind of pain was simply masochistic. But the results are... worth it. Especially for someone as lazy as me, who would go hairy as a yetti before shaving every darn day. And while Don couldn't care less about the leg-fuzz (urbane European-habiting hobbit that he is) I would like to be able to wear shorts and skirts without checking for stubble. And, I've been told that it gets better over time, the waxing. So, I'll do my legs again for the honeymoon, so that I can wear pretty skirts with no stubble; and then if I don't want to, I'll just never do it again.

Although the skirts probably won't get worn, seeing that we're going first to New Mexico and then to Seattle. Even in late May/ early June, there will most likely be a lot of cool weather, cold nights, and rain between the two... we're probably the only honeymooners next week who'll be in denim, flannel, fleece, and Timberlands instead of bathing suits and shorts. I can't wait!


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ayla said...

Hey, that's great about your period. I don't believe in TMI. Truly. To show you this, I'll tell you that I've gotten a brazilian wax, and while it was painful to go through, I loved the results and if I had $50 to spend every week or so I'd do it all the time. I love waxing my legs, too, they get so smooth!

Benjamin said...

It's your blog, do what you wanna do.

Bex said...

you'll probably be warm enough for skirts if you wanted . . .the rain I can't even hazzard a guess . . isn't Seattle on of the top 5 rainy cities? (doesn't stop me from wanting to live there though).

duernbergersally said...

Wishing you a happy wedding and an even happier marriage! Best wishes to you both.

Anonymous said...

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