Saturday, May 19, 2007

Getting Closer

Everything is falling into place, finally, for the wedding. Daily emails from both my mom and my dad, photos and documents sent back and forth. How did we get by prior to Internet? Menus chosen, outfits decided, problems worked out-- for the most part. Don is in charge of both picking out and obtaining the wedding bands. He keeps asking if I trust his taste, keeps reminding me that we both prefer the unusual, the not-quite-traditional. I have a feeling that whatever the rings are, they are not the plain, white-gold bands that I envisioned. But I do trust his judgement and his taste jewelry. I love my engagement ring, and the necklace that he gave me for my birthday in January. I know that the rings are from the same place as the necklace: a small, independent jewelry store on Main Street that showcases the work of individual artists. Kay's, it isn't. I think that Don has an appreciation for fine, unique, and beautiful things that doesn't have a chance to express itself often.

The animals will stay at a kennel, for the first time in the six years that they've been with us. This is the only dark spot for us: knowing that while we hang out with relatives, tie the knot, and tour Seattle, Alice will be boarded, without even her blanket for comfort. We've only ever left her once before, and that was at the house with friends coming over to take care of her. Looking back, this may be one reason why we don't take a lot of vacations; Don says it's like having a kid but I say it's worse; airlines, hotels, everything will let you bring a kid with you-- not so much if it's a dog. There's no way in hell that I'd put her in a carrier to go into an airplane's hold with the rest of the luggage. Pets die down there, occasionally. It's not even climate-controlled. If a suitcase can get "lost" and sent to the wrong city, then so can a dog. I wouldn't put her through all that for the selfish reason of having her with us on vacation. So we usually go camping and take her along. At least we know she'll be well-cared for. It seems like a very nice place, as far as "places that look just like the POUND" go.

Don's afraid that it will give her animal-shelter-flashbacks-- the concrete floors, barking dogs... I try to reassure him (and myself) that we tend to attribute more emotional depth to dogs than what they really (most likely) have. That as long as she's warm and well-fed, walked three times a day and talked to a bit, she'll be fine-- and that once we come to pick her up, she won't be able to recollect it at all. He reminds me that when I leave town, she usually doesn't eat for the first three days. I guess we won't know how bad it will be until afterwards, when we can interview the keepers. There's just nobody here that would keep her in their house, and having people promise to stop by twice a day is just too risky. Too easy to forget one morning, or one evening, and then there's Alice with no food and no bathroom. Cathy, I'm not too worried about, because she's so much more independent. I guess most cats are.


Benjamin said...

Cats are, indeed, more independent... dogs are such pack animals.

Glad to see your wedding arrangements are coming along so well.

ayla said...

When we went on our honeymoon, indeed, when we went on vacation for three days last month--we hired a housesitter. We got a local high-school kid, and let her sleep in our bed and eat some of our food in exchange for taking care of our cat and our two guinea pigs. I don't know if you're comfortable with that, or if you know someone who would stay at your house instead of stopping by twice a day, but it might be worth looking into.

I'm so excited for your wedding! I'm sure your wedding bands are going to be beautiful. I was really into getting some unique, hand-carved titanium wedding bands, but His Majesty didn't want anything that might be "girly" or that would get ruined by his work (he tends to be unforgiving to his jewelry) so instead we got plain bands in two different widths. I love our jeweler, he does great stuff.

Bex said...

Alice might feel sad at first but you won't be gone that long and she'll be super happy to see you. She'll forget all about missing you when you get back (I don't think dogs have super great attention spans anyway).

I'm pretty worried about boarding Mac but I'd be more conserned if we left him in the apartment. All the 'what if's would drive me insane and I wouldn't enjoy vacation. This way I'll know he's safe, looked after and fed.