Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday night

Watching the Olympics now. For some reason that red-haired snow-boarder that just won gold medal makes me think of Ron Weasely. Too bad they can't include Quidditch in the Olympics--would that fall into winter or summer sports I wonder? I could see Ron snowboarding instead though. Right. Reality and fiction meld in my mind a little too seamlessly. D and I had dinner at my parent's tonight (beef stew, fixins) and got into a huge literary debate. Very rowdy...fiction versus non-fiction; drama and history...

Grandma is doing a little better; they've moved her from IC to the rehab facility. It's apparently going to be a long, slow recovery process. My dad's had to take over a lot of her financial stuff, get power of attourney and all that. For someone her age, though, she's tough as nails! 95 next month! I hope I'm like her then. Or now, for that matter.

Friday night I went to the 'viewing', wake-type thing for Diana's grandbaby. It seemed the best way to show her some support, but who wants to see the body of dead baby, in a tiny, lacy little coffin? Her poor family, all of them. The mom is younger than my little sister. I've never seen a dead body before--Jews don't have wakes--she didn't look like she was sleeping at all.

I can't believe our vice-president shot somebody on accident. Even Quale never shot anybody. Good grief, it's the least-competent pair in the history of the presidency.


Benjamin said...

Too bad the prez wasn't there, too. A double hunting accident involving the 2 most powerful men in the free world --- am I evil for fantasizing about this?

Benjamin said...

P.S. I commented. I swear I did. It just doesn't register on your "comments" link.