Thursday, February 16, 2006


Hmm. So, I was a little down on Tuesday with the usual blues. Went to the bookstore, saw Ben (hi, Ben!) and went to the store to buy among other things a chicken. But holy smokes, chickens are on major sale! About $2.50 per chicken! I buy three entire chickens ("fryers", but you can still roast them) and it's been chicken ever since! Decided to roast two ahead of time for the meat and to use the carcasses in a stock. ChickenStock...heheh. Chickenpalooza! Herbed Chicken, yes! Now I have:

Chicken salad: lots. Enough for several lunches.
Chicken stock: one huge pot
Roast chicken for dinner: last night and tonight
Cubed chicken in the freezer: one casserole's worth

It's the first time on record that chicken helped me out of my funk. Chocolate, yes; an intensive baking session, yes; chicken, not so much. When D ate his chicken last night (with scratch mashed potatoes and scratch chicken gravy) it induced a spontaneous "Oh, my god! I love you so much!" Love-inducing chicken. The way to a man's heart, yes.

D and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day much because it's a meaningless, commercial, Hallmark-driven holiday that attempts to make couples spend more than they should on each other and make single people buy themselves "Ha! I'll be my own damn Valentine!" stuff. The way I see it, if you're a young, single couple (Shut up out there. We are too young!) with no kids, then every weekend is Valentine's Day. We don't need a special day to celebrate each other and our relationship--it's called "after work". But. D decided to take me out to dinner at this old dive in Deep Ellum that we used to frequent in the early days of our relationship. They served good greasy burgers and club sandwiches, and it's where he gave me my first nickname. Very romantic in a D-and-Mara kind of way; nobody in their right mind would have gone here for Valentines day. Unfortunately, it closed years ago and he forgot, so we ended up driving around for hours, from downtown Dallas to the heart of Garland, ending up at Cafe Brazil around 9:45. Where we eat all the time. It was great.

After re-reading this entry I realized that "intensive baking session" sounded like I was getting high, when I really meant making biscotti or cream puffs or an apple cobbler or something. Sugar is my drug of choice, no?


Benjamin said...

I like the way you two handled your VD situation. Rerun and I enjoyed VD together, too.

Amanda said...

don't you just hate VD? It's never handled properly and always make a good situation seem worse...all because everyone else said you should. Bah on VD, and this, mind you...coming from a florist. Hahaha!

Mara said...

Totally. I hate coming in to work and having everybody ask, "So what did D get you for VD?"

I say, "Nothing! As planned!"