Thursday, February 02, 2006


So, I'm back; sorry for the little absence there. It's been a crappy, draining week so far and I didn't want to write while in such a bad place, plus I was tired.

Kristin, the girl that was promoted over me last month, was a no-call, no-show at work Wednesday. I got to the bank at 7:35 in the morning to find it still closed, no life inside. She was supposed to have opened. This auspicious beginning was followed by the day from hell; Diana was out b/c of the grand-baby; manager at all-morning meeting; supervisor off, etc etc etc. I actually got worried about Kristin, wondered if she was ok and all that. Turns out she TEXT-MESSAGED our supervisor--yes, the one who was not at the bank. Never called me back, never called the bank, never called our manager-- our manager who called Kristin's mom b/c she was worried and upset that she never showed up for work. Forgive me, I use italics to express anger and disbelief.

Turns out she has a fucking ear infection or something. Not the kind of thing that keeps one from calling work.

It sucks to be right all the time.

So, I get home from this day--only an hour and a half late-- to have KK call me; our Grandma has taken a terrible fall and is in the hospital for a lot of broken bones and internal bleeding. OMFG. Grandma will be 95 next month. I'm worried sick now and I don't know what to do. Or what to hope for her. It looks like even the best-case outcome will rob her of what independence she still had, and she's a very independent lady. "Don't help me out of the van. I'm not helpless! I can climb down myself!" "Of course I can still drive! Why wouldn't I drive?' "Nobody can tell me not to take a steak-knife in my carry-on bag. I need it to cut up my fruit. Surely air-line people understand fruit!"

The thought of her being in pain and sedated in a hospital somewhere has me literally sick to my stomach. Our dad is flying up there today to be with her. I didn't realize, but Detroit is hosting the Super Bowl. So he had a really hard time getting airline tickets up there for this weekend; of all the bad luck and timing. It had to be Super Bowl Weekend and Detroit had to host it. Good grief.

Kristin's infection didn't stop her from calling me, at fucking 9:30 last night, to ask if I could open for her on my day off. So, I went to work at seven this morning on my day off and left an hour later. Swell start to the day. Which gets better when D calls: the transmission in his truck has shuffled off this mortal coil and gone on to that great auto-parts place in the sky. And the last time I checked (this morning), he doesn't have a spare $1,500 to get a new transmission. I mean, he does, but it means he can't buy groceries, get sick, or do anything. Double damn. He's already had the truck towed and rented a car for the week. ($$! $$$! Ack!)

Have I mentioned that our apartment complex has raised the rent? Eighty dollars more a month than previously. That started today too. How can money be causing me so much trouble when I have so little of it? Do I lead such a complex life?

Thank you, Ben, for being the bright point of my day with the birthday present and lunch et al. Actually, make that my week. And thank you to the nice State Farm lady who sold me my rental insurance and treated me very nicely even though it was a $112 policy and hardly worth the emails, phone calls, and office visit that were required to seal the deal. It's nice to know that if the place burns down, or if someone falls down our stairs, that we're covered for it.

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