Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cookie Monster tired. I keep staying up late for stupid reasons, and I have to open at the bank all weeek. Seven o'clock in the morning is not a civilized time to start work, honestly. Tonight we have a meeting that is also a belated Valentine's Day party and we're supposed to bring valentines for our co-workers. I got the brilliant idea to make lots of cookies and give each coworker a cute bag full of homemade cookies as the valentine.

Right. I was making cookies from 6 until midnight last night. Snickerdoodles, chocolate-chip-walnut cookies, sugar cookiesf cut into hearts and colored with red sugar. I made more than ten dozen cookies. I was in a cookie making haze. Cookie-delirium. I was practically crying by the time I got to the wrapping-and-packaging stage. Why? Why do I do this to myself? I realized last night that it's pure vanity, that's all. I like hearing that they're the best cookies ever etc. I like bringing the good stuff.

I had a three-day weekend (Yay, president's day!) but it didn't feel like it at all for some reason. For a little while it looked as though D and I might be moving to Connecticut but now it doesn't. He might go there on task force, though, and leave me here to fend for myself. Blech. Usually I love this kind of weather but today it's getting me down. Maybe because I'm at work, or maybe I just need a little more sleep. And another cookie.

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