Monday, February 13, 2006


For some reason I've been having blog-publishing problems lately, and the entry I wrote last night I couldn't publish. It just kept telling me, "Republish blog in 10 minutes", and 10 minutes later it would still say the same thing. Very strange and annoying. So, I'm putting up last night's and tonight's at the same time. Oh well.

D and I have been watching the Olympics since they began (this year, not B.C. Greece, obviously) and we're both entranced by the women's snowboarding event. It's so amazing! They just fly all over this half-pipe, twisting like cats, totally defying gravity. And they're so young and giggly, saying things like "this was the best day ever!" "My goal was to just, like, totally chill out, and it worked!" And they all do little victory dances after their runs, like football players after a touchdown. So different from the figure skaters, who are so somber and adult, with their clenched smiles and clenched fists, who just stare at the board waiting for their scores. I think I want to adopt a little snowboarder, to take home and feed Wheaties to. (Forgive the preposition use, please, Erin, if you read this.)

Is it immature to be so incredibly gleeful that the Texas Wildlife Whatever has issued Cheney a citation? Turns out he didn't have a certificate to even be quail hunting in the first place! The rich and powerful think they can get away with anything. Quail hunting on a private ranch? Who'll ever know? Everybody, once you shoot your friend in the face. Dumbass. Guess I'm still immature then!

Same as usual: work was boring, sister's dog destroyed apartment, etc.


Benjamin said...

You seem to be suffering from the same blog issues I had last week. Couldn't publish. People's comments appeared and disappeared. Then everything got better ... I think they're retooling the system or something.

Benjamin said...

P.S. I'm off on Thursday.