Sunday, February 19, 2006

Eine Klein Nachtmusik

Went to my folks' house for dinner last night and it was so nice. Fire in the fireplace, music, a friendly chess game with little brother, lasagna, cake...yummy. KK was there too, so the only missing peice was D, who as usual had to go in to work. Afterwards my dad and I went to a Mozart concert at UTD. To be honest I didn't really want to go, just because it was so cold outside and everything was so nice and cozy at the house, but that goes to show how wrong I can be. The concert was great. I haven't been to a classical concert in ages and ages, but dad used to take me all the time when I was young, so just going brought back tons of memories. (Ok, some memories were of trying not to fall asleep, but still.) I love that moment before each piece when the lead violinist tunes up to one note and the rest of the musicians come into tune with her, it's spinetingling. It was a chamber music selection with about 20 musicians, and the room-place (auditorium? conference hall? I forget) at the university is pretty small and it was full, so the overall effect was intimate; it was easy to see expressions on the players' faces, their hands working, and all. They played three Mozart peices, including the ever-popular Eine Klein and Symphony 29, and another that I didn't know as well. Sinfonia Concertina something. I got the impression that going counted as class credit for some students because there was a lot of note-taking happening, not to mention a surprising number of young students there considering it was a Saturday night. The only bad bit was that my dad was under the impression that the dress was casual so we were in cordouroys and jeans while most of the adult attendants were dressed up. But who cares? Afterwards little bro beat me in our chess game (as expected) and I went home. The end.


Benjamin said...

What a marvelous day! You're lucky to be so close with your family.

The concert sounds fun. I've always liked Beethoven better than Mozart, personally. I go for the darker stuff, I guess. Mozart's such a fruit by comparison. Nice melodies, true, but Beethoven was like the heavy metal composer of his day. The dude rocked!

P.S. Sorry if I seemed distracted when you came into Borders, but I was just really busy at the time. It's always a pleasure to see you.

Mara said...

I prefer Bach overall, then Beethoven. But it's the 250th aniversary year of Mozart's death so it's all things Mozart in the classical world this year.

Benjamin said...

To celebrate, we should all poison our most talented friend and try to take credit for their accomplishments.

Mara said...

(wants to say something smart but doesn't get it.)

(goes off to read up on history of classical music)