Monday, July 31, 2006

Too much hips.

Update time again. Don's job interview was pushed back to this coming weekend; all Virginia-stuff is suspended in time until then. Which is ok because it felt like things were moving way too fast, snowballing out of control. I needed a chance to catch my breath and think-- this week's delay is helping with that. We broke the news to my parents, so that's off my chest a little. Except that my mom made her 'sad face' for a long time, and went very quiet. So now the single biggest worry is Breaking the Lease. Anybody looking for an apartment 1B, 1bth, 1-car garage, fp? We had a huge fight late last week over everything in our lives; work, housekeeping, sex, money, the dishes, drink, smoking, pork chops. We don't fight often so when we do it's awful, and it left me all raw and bruised (edit: emotionally, not physically) which is why I haven't posted in a bit. But, we made up and worked a few things out, so it's all okay, basically. The stress of this possible transfer brings up all kinds of issues.

Spent all day Saturday dress-shopping with my mom, which is a whole different kind of exhausting. I tried on approximately 80 million dresses in the same style-- those elegant, column-style long dresses--that all made my hips look ridiculous before acknowledging that someone with my figure apparently looks better in a flared skirt. Pooh. We're all going to Chicago weekend after next for our cousin's wedding. Now all I need is two pairs of shoes, and a ton of other stuff. Ah well.

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