Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heat. Quilts. Babies.

ARRRRgh. It got to be 107 degrees yesterday. 107! That's crazy. The bank lost its air conditioning and we were without air all afternoon. There are no words to describe how much this sucked so I won't bother trying... I didn't get any sleep last night, had to open at work this morning, and wandered around in a haze all day. The AC in the apartment is going, too: it has been getting steadily worse for days now, maybe a freon leak or something like that. Don knows what it is but I was too hot and irritated to listen.

Anyways, enough bitching about the usual Dallas culprit! Last week I had a great idea for a quilt, it just appeared in my mind from nowhere (idea-fairy being generous again), all blues, greens, turquoises...lots of batiks and tone-on-tone prints, nothing cutesy or calico. I bought fabric so that I can get this idea rolling while it's still fresh in my mind, I hate it when the visions fade and you're left with wads of materials and a pencil sketch. I just need to wash the stuff, and to obtain some kind of chair so that I can use my sewing machine on the table and not on the floor.

I went to a baby shower on Sunday and there were actually babies in attendance, including this one baby boy who wasn't even six weeks old yet. Is there anything more wonderful than teeny tiny perfect little babies? I got to hold him for a long time while his mom ate, which was awesome, (in the original sense). Like a drug... how could anything be wrong when there are perfect little babies in existence? I had this great idea that there should be places you can go and hold babies any time for a little while to get that teeny-tiny-baby-fix, sort of like Meth clinics for heroin addicts. Don didn't think it was such a hot idea. He actually compared me to the Fat Bastard guy... all "Get in my BELLY!!" which I didn't really appreciate. But I guess he didn't appreciate me coming home from the shower all "forget our plan, I want a baby RIGHT NOW! This INSTANT! BABYBabybabybabybaby!"


Benjamin said...

With all that babybabybabyBABY stuff you're starting to sound like Led Zeppelin!

Amanda said...

ya, but with that comment from Don...he may not want her anywhere near his lemon. men can be very piggish sometimes...