Monday, July 17, 2006

Stupid, stupid, stupid

Hmmm. No news on moving-to-Virginia yet. It's all very conjectural at this point. I had an utterly stupid day at work. Got called in 45 minutes early which isn't much except that I was supposed to be there at 7:45a.m. and they needed me at 7:00 instead so they called around 5. In the morning. And due to understandable miscommunications--because it was blippin' 5 in the morning-- I got called like 3 different times, the last time during that precious last-15-minutes-before-the-alarm sleep. Then I did a million transactions really fast, because one of the people working with me is like a turtle to whom everything is new even though she's been with us for 3 months now-- if I hear "Well, I never saw that before/ nobody told me that before/I've only done this 98 times so I don't remember it yet/etc" I'm going to scream, YOU'RE NOT IN TRAINING ANYMORE! FIGURE IT OUT! and scare her to death. And because I was going too fast for me, I was almost "over" $360.05-- that's having more money than you're supposed to, which is basically as bad as being short. Then we finally find the problem, just before 5:00 and it was because I made the STUPIDEST MISTAKE EVER that not even someone in training would do, which was taking 82 20-dollar bills and wrapping a strap around them, which labels it "$2,000". The funny thing is that a lot of people--even my boss--were trying to help me and none of them noticed it, either.

I think this co-worker frustrates me because our attitudes are just totally different. She basically has to be told everything and has to do it 100 times before she's comfortable with it. I'm more 'I-can-figure-this-out-on-my-own'; I'm at least willing to try before asking for help. Like doing tax payments: it's not something we do very often but it's not hard either. The first time I saw one I just worked through it.... hmm, it's a payment of some kind, go to the payment screen, it must be this one 'cuz it's not any of those others... this must be the account number, and so on. I live by the philosophy that it's better to fix a few mistakes later than to constantly require babysitting, plus we have the easiest software, it's basically multiple-choice. But...she's like 38 and is not going to suddenly adopt an adventurous attitude towards work at this stage. She'd be perfect in a factory, actually, very good at doing the same few things over and over but completely unable to deal with something new or different.

So I ended up going to work at 7 and being there till 5, which is kinda draining. But I bought stuff to make chicken nachos for dinner, which sounds good to me...I'm going to try and sort of fajita-up some of that pre-cooked rotisserie chicken you can get in the deli section and use that instead of actually cooking chicken which sounded exhausting at this point. If it doesn't work there's lots of chicken and we can just eat it as is.


Benjamin said...

work = frustrating

Take a bubble bath, relax, drink some tea.

Mara said...

Thanks, but can I get a margarita instead?