Sunday, July 23, 2006


It looks like Don is actually going to be interviewing in Virginia, or at least it's being discussed. This is way too "real" for me right now... I'm starting to feel totally freaked out. One of my co-workers said that I was very brave, to consider packing up and moving across the country, to somewhere I've never been and where I don't know a soul. I'm not brave, I'm terrified! But, what can I do. It's not like we want to spend forever here in Dallas (who would?) so... leave we must. Even though that means leaving all the family and friends that I have. Again. The bit about it that's bad is that Don is suggesting that even if we move it will only be for a couple of years, before doing it again. I don't like that idea; if we go somewhere else I wanted to put down a few roots and stay awhile. I wasn't raised an Army brat like him, moving every 2 years! I'm starting to realize that he is much more ambitious than I ever realized... he doesn't ever talk big but makes plans and slowly, steadily works his way towards them. All actions, not words: I'm more of a wordy person. Which probably explains why I have a blog and he doesn't! His ambition to go from being an Assistant Director (which he is now) to a Director at a small hotel (Virginia) to a larger hotel (the next move) to a corporate-level position doesn't fit that well with my idea of staying in one place for a while as we start our family, but it does dovetail with my (very expensive) dreams of a large family, a house to put them in, etc. He and I have pretty much always each paid our own way in the 6 years we've been together, but getting married and having kids would change that dynamic and it's interesting to find out, after all this time, that he is more the "provider" type (with his corporate ambitions etc) than I ever realized. And here I was thinking he was just a workaholic... he never framed it as a means to an end...

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