Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Thank you, God, for letting me not barf in my car."

Arrrrgh. There seems to be a terrible stomach virus thingy going around work, both mine and Dons. I felt kind of okay when I got up-- terrible period pains but nothing else-- but by the time I got to work I was shaking, weak, and barfy. They sent me home, wisely. But this thing comes on fast and that drive home was the worst. I kept feeling ralphy and was going, "please God don't let me barf in my car..." when all of a sudden that Other Rumble starts and I change gears to "No wait, please don't let me crap my car, three more miles, please..."
Which I didn't. I've never been so happy to see my own commode, ever. If there is a god, she must be annoyed with me for only applying in times of trouble, but then all moms deal with that phenomenon, I guess. But after too much Advil, a long hot bath (for the cramps that did not have the grace to go away and let me deal with one thing at a time) and a long nap I feel almost human again, enough to brave the internet anyways. (I saw my face in the mirror at work and it was scary--my skin looked grey and my eyes looked yellow, like something out of Star Trek. Right now it's returned to normal colors.) Because Don was sick last night we went to bed really early, so I'm all sleeped out at the moment.

He's doing a phone-interview with the Virginia people today. I don't know if that's a precurser to an in-person interview or a substitute for it. I looked up some more things about Charlottesville online and discovered that there is NOT a Borders there. What... am I going to do with myself? Here Don was telling me that I should get another part-time job there to stem the moving-depression: "There are always people you like, in Borders bookstores. People like you. Weird people." is his theory. Not a false theory, really. (Sorry Ben and company!)

He's worried because when we moved to Vermont, I was plagued by a pretty bad depression the first 6 months or so. He keeps saying that he doesn't want to see that, again. But there were other factors in play, too, besides moving: my parents' house had just burned down a few weeks before I left, which was traumatic, two months later was September 11... hell I think the whole country got a little sad over that. I couldn't find work at first and didn't have a job at all the whole first semester, and was very isolated by not knowing anyone there but him. Not to mention that it was my first time away from home, and I missed my friends and family terribly. Things will be different this time. On the bright side, his dealing with me when I was in that state speaks volumes for his character: kind, supportive, strong. Not too many relationships are tested like that right off the bat; we'd only been dating maybe 8 months when he decided to come to Vermont with me. He left his job, packed his stuff and trekked across the country to a completely new place only to find his girfriend replaced by a new version: crying, blue, moody, raging. Poor guy.

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