Monday, July 10, 2006


There's a medium chance that Don and I will be moving to Charlottesville, Virginia at some point in the future. He's applying today for a transfer/promotion to the hotel there. I always bitch and moan about Dallas and how much we want to leave, but then I get terrified at the idea of starting all over again somewhere new! That's human nature for you...

Our major shared goal for the year was for him to be promoted to somewhere better than here... Texas was always meant to be a pit-stop on our life's trek, not a destination. VA sounds wonderful on paper: green and leafy, college town, historical stuff, small-town-ish, good climate. There are mountains, rivers, Democrats... everything that makes life more liveable. There are several branches of my bank there, too, so transferring shouldn't be too difficult. My parents won't be thrilled about it, of course. They love having us 5 minutes away and over for dinner every week, but we can't stay here forever just for that, can we? Don has no intention of being an assistant-director forever, he's ready to move into a director position, something that will challege him a bit.

Of course what's really scary, paradoxically, is the idea that the next move is a semi-permanent one; our destination for the time being where we will put down deeper roots, maybe buy a house, start our family. Here in Texas we've been in a holding pattern; it's always "no we can't look at houses because who knows where we'll be in 2 years and I hope it's not still here!" "Etc!" So there was always this underlying panic that maybe we'd never move on; that we would stay here indefinitely, accidentally, forever waiting for something better and forgeting to forge a life here in the meanwhile. Now I might trade that "what-if-were-here-forever" panic for a new one. Life is pretty easy, in a way, when you're not planning on staying somewhere-- live in an apartment, spend your money, put the "real life" on hold, whatever "real life" means to you. (Which I always try not to do but somehow do anyways: see my blog header?) But if we make a Big Move, it would signify that it's time to get on with life as we mean to live it, which would entail some fundamental changes, which is always intimidating.


Amanda said...

well, if it's any help at all, Jordan and I were/are in the same boat and let me tell ya...having a baby on the way definately puts a little bit of "root" to your plans. :)

Mara said...

Maybe I'll try that. :)