Saturday, April 26, 2008

Totally gratuitous photo of our farmers' market booty. Strawberries already, and spinach! (Sorry, Becca, I'm sure Spring will come to where you are, someday...)
There is a FREAKING HUGE RAINBOW outside my window right now. It looks so close, like it ends right at the top of our street. Actually, there are two, but the second really isn't trying as hard and so is barely visible.


I mean, besides the fact that it's been sunny--no, raining--no, sunny!-- NO, RAINING! all damn day, (twice, I dragged the lawn chair thingie out so that I could read in the sun; both times it started raining within ten minutes) and right now it's both at the same time? Still, it's so pretty that I sort of want to go outside and gawk, even though the view from the window is just fine.


Bex said...

two words:

Strawberry tarts!

Mara said...

Two more words:

strawberry shortcake!