Monday, April 28, 2008

Forget Percoset, prescribe me Prozac

Today's money goal: NO books and NO magazines for at least one month, starting today.
Next week's money goal: split tax refund deposit between savings accounts.

Speaking of which, was anyone else's refund abnormally large this year? It's kind of hard to compare because both our incomes increased year-over-year, and we got married, but it seems like a lot to me. We did owe extra state taxes, though. (You know what I miss about Texas? No state income tax.)

Next month's money goal: build a bumper in my checking account so that it doesn't drop to alarming single digits between paychecks. (Harder to do when you get paid once a week, instead of twice-monthly like normal professional people.)

Mental-health goal: stop freaking out about the HSG. I will be calm. Calm. Calm does not include biting finger-nails to below the quick, or being unable to sleep... Whatever they find in there, we can work it out. Answers are better than no answers. No matter what happens, we will someday, eventually, have our babies. We have time.

Don and I were discussing the possibility that we could end up having to do IVF, depending on what turns out to be the problem, and how often IVF leads to multiples. Twins are fine, but his take on triplets: "It just doesn't seem like a good idea to have more babies than the number of breasts you have, you know?" Surprisingly, my idea to grow a third boob to support a potential triplet was not well-received.


Benjamin said...

Three boobs. Mmmm.

Mara said...

Annnnd, now I know what will elicit a comment from you...

Polly Gamwich said...

My DH would pay more money for the third boob than the RIDICULOUSLY expensive fertility package we just purchased. I'd say he wouldn't want triplets b/c then he'd have to share!

Your HSG is going to be great! (easy to say AFTER you've gone through it) And you're right if they do find anything they will be able to fix it or propose other solutions ... it is scary to learn stuff - but then think - you're one step closer to baby.

Keep us posted!

Bex said...

I have to side with Don's logic here. Two boobs, limit to two babies at a time.