Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bits of thoughts

Blood tests: annoying.
Having to fast for said tests: more annoying.
Having the blood tests take three times longer than expected, done by an incompetent student nurse with no people skills to speak of, thereby making me stumble into work late and dizzy with hunger, as my get-breakfast-after-fasting-and-bloodletting time had disappeared: really freaking annoying.

Next time, I am going to show up as early as possible, pack a snack, and request the good nurse. Live and learn and all that.

We watched Walk the Line on cable last night. It didn't suck, but why on earth did the directors decide to let the actors sing, instead of dubbing in the original voices of Johnny Cash and June Carter? Their incredible sound was kind of the whole point, and without it, the movie is kind of flat.

Everything is lovely here. Beautiful, cool-rainy-breezy weather, flowers everywhere, trees budding. Saturday held the first farmers' market of the year, and it was like a festival. I think Virginia is taunting me for thinking of leaving for the land of Oppressive Heat.


Rachel said...

It can be beautiful here sometimes, no? Just wait till August, you won't think twice about trading in the oppressive heat for more oppressive heat. tee hee

Well, speaking as someone who gets punctured on average 4 times before they find a vein, you want to request a phlebotomist, not a nurse. Actually the best ones are the ICU phlebotomists, because they get blood from babies. Oh, oh! Next time, request a butterfly instead of traditional needle. They'll take it from your hand and can take up to 4 vials that way. (That's how I get down.)

Mara said...

The thing about the bloodletting is, I have REALLY REALLY easy veins. Only one person *ever* has had trouble getting the needle in there. And, I'm not especially sensitive/ squicked out by it, so emotionally I'm not difficult either.

It's not so much that she was clumsy with the needle as it was her *manner*: instead of listening to me and/or checking her work and/or making some adjustment, she tried to distract me by asking inane questions about my weekend. I'm not a little kid or a hypersensitive, phobic patient. I am someone that (recently, at least) has blood taken all the darn time with no trouble at all, so I didn't appreciate getting blown off and condescended to like that, especially by some wet-behind-the-ears, not-even-25-year-old trainee. I believe that any nurse can eventually master hitting the vein (in MY arm, at least), but treating patients like human beings is something do or don't.

p.s. how come half the time I try to visit your blog, I get a Access Denied screen?

Rachel said...

Oh, well that's good that you have good veins, it's so much easier on you. Rudeness is something I'm very familiar with since moving here; it really makes me wonder why people go into service professions when they clearly hate people.

Re: blog, probably cause I blocked all of Virginia in a vain attempt to get Mr. A to stop snooping. I've unblocked everyone now because he just hides his IP address anyway.

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