Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I feel better than I did yesterday. Less tragic and rage-ful. After all, we haven't even had our first doctors' visit yet; perhaps there's something obvious and not-to-awful that can be mended or addressed without much trouble. Who knows? It might not be so bad.

Also, right as I was writing that post I was experiencing the beginning of a migraine, my first in almost a year. It was probably bringing me down without my noticing. Great way to spend a vacation day, in bed with a killer headache, yes? Better than having one at work, I suppose. But the migraine is gone now, Dad made me eggs for breakfast, I have a lunch date with a dear friend, and I'm down just about five pounds, which is maybe half of what I was hoping to lose eventually. (And that's in spite of the four boxes of Girl Scout cookies that Don brought home from work last week. Girl Scouts, why are you so evil with your delicious, expensive, will-power destroying cookies?) I have some cute new clothes and underwear. Life really doesn't suck, right?

Speaking of the underwear... When I was browsing at Victoria's Secret (because I needed new panties that have never been bled on, seriously) another random customer started talking to me, complaining about how bright the colors and patterns are on this seasons' undies. Personally, that's why I like their stuff: the bright colors and loud patterns. It's kind of nice to know, when you're wearing jeans and a neutral T-shirt, that your panties are screaming green or orange-- but perhaps that's just me. I really wanted to ask why she was shopping at VS at all if she wanted neutral, discreet bottoms; plain white is a lot cheaper and you can pick them up at Target in a 3-pack. The fit? The designer label? A chance to chat with other random underwear shoppers? Who knows.


Bella said...

personally - i'm never happier than when my cobalt blue bra and lime green panties are screaming in unison!

Mara said...

Yes! Exactly! My T-shirt is grey and my jeans are dark blue, but my panties are orange-and-white, and say 'wish you were here'. (I may or may not have sent Don a phone-pic of that.)

Bella said...

Hahah! That's awesome!