Thursday, August 31, 2006


So, things are finally moving along, or should I say that I'm finally gaining momentum? I tend to have some negative ways of dealing with stress: procrastination and inertia. I try to bury my head in the covers and hope that it all goes away and magically sorts itself out, whatever "it" happens to be-- an exam, a paper, changing jobs, relationship issues, moving cross-country, whatever. But, once I finally get moving I keep on keepin' on-- isn't that a Newton principle?

I went to the leasing office--finally--to discuss breaking the lease. They were actually pretty nice about it; I was expecting difficulty and snippiness. It might cost us a bit, but not as much as it might have done; and that's only if it isn't re-rented. But we have to play by the rules because my parents co-signed this place and I don't want to thank them by messing up their credit history, not to mention that I'd like to buy a house in maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years. So. As for the damage deposit I'll be lucky to break even as they'll definitely want to replace the carpet.

I called the water-billing people to find out why my water bill tripled in the last month and got that straightened out I think; the guy said it was a meter-reading error and they'll be sending a "meter specialist" out to take a look. And refund my money.

I got a call from the moving company-- they want to come take a look at all our stuff to determine what number of boxes, truck space, etc will be required. My first thought was that I need to clean the apartment, which is kind of sad.... cleaning for strangers. It's the life of we messy people, that live with the mess ourselves but tidy up for company and even moving companies. Well, I was going to do that this weekend anyways.

Slowly but surely everything will be worked out and dealt with. For now I'm going to work on my quilt.


Benjamin said...

Yay for your momentum! I don't envy your having to pack up your stuff and move and all that jazz, but I'm glad you are making headway. it was good to see you tonight. I think the Rainey's should name their son Severus.

Mara said...

Severus Hendrix Rainey. It has a ring to it.