Monday, August 28, 2006

Stormy weather...

Update time... did I lose a week in time again? Damn, hate it when that happens. Nothing has changed re: the mental, physical and emotional chaos that this move (uprooting, really) is creating. Don left for Virginia yesterday morning, so I'm livin' the single life until I join him. Woohoo! I think I'll clean the fishtank and go to bed early! Maybe I'll go to my parents' house--again! Good times! On the bright side, I managed to drive Don to DFW airport--stopping for coffee and the ATM--drop him at the correct gate, circle back to 635 East, use my tolltag to get out and got back to Richardson before 8:3o in the morning, not getting lost or turned around at all. Not bad for my first time!

Miracle of miracles, it's been raining here. Lots of rain. Big storms alternating with little sprinkles. It's indescribably wonderful... sometimes you don't realize how deprived you are of something until you get it back. I love it. Hope it goes on all week, or all month. God knows we could use the water. Everyone at the bank was reveling in it, the customers in the drive-thru; I've never seen rainy weather so appreciated by the masses. Usually it's just nuts like me who love rain. It's ironically fitting that it rains now that Don has left, timed almost exactly to his flight. Poor guy, it's like he's cursed or something to not see the rainfall. It's happened three times now, that he leaves town and we get a storm.

I've started working on my quilt to keep me busy and calm me down. It's going to be very difficult for me I think, because I've never done anything quite like this before. This design is apparently made of 1,000 little triangles sewn together. Really I need to take up knitting or something instead.

I had dinner at my parents' last night, and we played Scrabble after. Scrabble in my family is epic... it's Contact Scrabble. There's name-calling, insults, threats... and that's mostly between my parents who are usually a sweet and loving couple. The rule-book and dictionary get constant use, and my dad starts each of his turns with 'Now I know this isn't usually allowed but I think you'll agree that....."
I think every family has something their competitive over; in a literary one like mine word games take it. I won though, with 'verity' and 'zen', the zen bringing in over 40 points for that night's top scorer. Hah!


Benjamin said...

I'm glad you won at Scrabble!

One time, DaniSnape and I played a game of Scrabble in which Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings based words brought triple points. I think Snape won by actually spelling out "Gilderoy". Ironic, but true.

Mara said...

She beat you with 'Gilderoy'? Shame on you!