Monday, August 21, 2006

Pure Chaos

Don is leaving for Virginia on Sunday. I will be following him I think by the end of Septemberish, but date remains uncertain. Everything is so chaotic, and so undetermined too, that it's driving me crazy. I feel like I don't have the information or the time that I need to get things taken care of, and everything is happening at once. Why do so many other things always pop up at once? Never during the slow times. My electric company charged my account twice. Why?? I don't know. My water bill has somehow tripled in size-- I need to call them and ask why. A one-bedroom apartment isn't likely to suddenly start using more water than before. I need to know the name of the moving company that Don's company uses, and find out whether they're packing up our stuff or just moving the stuff that we pack. I pack, I mean. Until Don finds a place for us to live, I have no address to work with which is also keeping me from doing certain things. Finding a place won't be that easy, either. Dog, for one. Price, for another. There's not much point in getting a promotion and a fat raise if your cost of living immediately increases and absorbs it all. I'm hoping to keep the rent in the same neighborhood that it's in now, and not go higher just because we 'could'. If he doesn't find a place soon enough, I won't be able to leave here in a timely manner (no place to send all the Stuff, no place to go!) which affects everything from how long i'll be paying rent on this apartment to how soon I can start seriously searching for a job there. It's kind of hard to job-search with the mentality of: well, I'll be there by October 3rd. Unless I'm not... then I'll be there later.

It looks like our October vacation to Vermont is shot, and possibly even the idea of having the wedding up there. If we can't go up there in October as we planned to check everything out and make arrangements it'll be almost impossible to plan a wedding sight unseen-- at least, unseen for 3 1/2 years by then. Not to mention that I lost the Rabbi that was going to officiate. Something about dawdling on setting a date, having other interested couples etc. Jeez, professionals. I'd really looked forward to our trip and the plane tickets are bought and paid for. But they're from Dallas to Boston... not much good if we're in Virginia! Ah well. It will all be worthwhile at somepoint, just have to live through the chaos first.

P.S. If you read this post and realize that I'll be on my own for a solid month at least, please call and go out w/ me etc. I'd like to reconnect with my friends before leaving them all again. :)


Benjamin said...

Nothing ever seems to go as planned. Chaos can be frustrating, as can that feeling that one's plans are on hold. But it's only for the time being. In the meantime, your friends are here if you need them ...

Mara said...

thanks ben.