Saturday, August 05, 2006


Don's in Virginia now, to be interviewed this weekend. It's entirely possible that we will actually move, which is weird to me. One funny thing is that he's not necessarily going to take the job if it's offered; the pay has to be right, and the company has to pay for relocation etc. Funny, because I've never been in a position to negotiate during a job interview: it's always me really needing a position and the interviewers asking me questions. I've never looked for a better job while already having a really good one.

So he's gone for the weekend, and next weekend I'm in Chicago, and if we move then he'll be there for a long time before me. A lot of separation happening here.

Work went well probably because I got some sleep last night, finally. Thank you, makers of the beloved Benedryll that makes people sleep and fixes their allergies all at once. We have a new assistant manager-in-training from California, who complimented us on our ability to get out the door after closing. About 2:30 we all sort of wake up and start getting stuff done so that we'll leave at 3, right after we lock the doors-- who doesn't have the motivation to leave as early as possible on Saturday afternoon? Her comment surprised me.

I need to buy some shoes and stuff for the wedding but I'm terrified of Tax-Free weekend shopping. I may put it off until Wednesday, but then what if I don't find anything? Ack help. Why wasn't I born with the ubiquitous female shopping gene that makes women actually enjoy things like shoe-shopping? It seems to be missing!


Amanda said...

If it's any consolation...I lack the gene myself. Shoe shopping especailly...I'd rather have myself a pair of flip flops and be done with it!

Mara said...

Me too... but it might not be the best thing for a wedding. You know what else I hate? High heels! Blech.