Monday, April 03, 2006

What a weird, smelly day

Saturday after D got home from work (bad D!) we got lunch and window shopped got coffee went to Borders saw Ben bought the Harry Potter Goblet of Fire DVD got more coffee went home made pancakes and watched the movie. So that was all good and he was forgiven. Sunday D was giving his truck a tune-up when something bad happened with the fuel line he was working on. Don't ask me what, I'm not an automechanic. I was just working on the laptop when he stormed up the stairs cussing like a sailor and reeking of gas, trying to wash his ear out under the faucet because it's all filled with gasoline. His ear, that is. The whole apartment filled with the smell of gas and I got a killer headache and had to evacuate to my folk's for the evening. D and I have agreed that future tune-ups will be done by (liscensed) professionals. Some things are worth paying for, and he doesn't need to be lying on his side on the concrete garage floor what with his back and all. Not to mention that if anything had happened like an explosion or fire or something I'm pretty sure the apartment complex could sue us for all we're worth, not that that's very much but still I don't think we're supposed to do engine work on site.

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Benjamin said...

Poor guy. Gas in the ear sounds like an awful experience. Hope he's OK. Sorry you got a headache. You were wise to relocate to your folks' pad.

Luckily, you're a good enough writer not to title your entry "How D's Malodorous Gas Drove Me Out of the House".