Sunday, April 16, 2006

Potter nerds unite!

I can't believe I only scored "Acceptable" on a Harry Potter test! That means if there were a "Harry Potter" NEWT-level class, I might not even get in. This is a really hard test!

Good luck people.

One of my favorite 'Farside' cartoons shows a bunch of people picketing with signs that read
"Dyslexics of the World Untie!" . Get it? Maybe it's only funny because I'm a good bit dyslexic myself. Mom says that comes from being left-handed but she blames everything about me on that. ("You didn't sleep well? It's because you're left handed. Left-handers die earlier, you know. They don't sleep well either.") Maybe not that bad but it does come up a bit. I say, if she didn't want left-handed children she should have thought twice about marrying a left-handed guy like my father. Same goes for fidgeting.


Marie said...

I scored a dreadful. 25

Who actually remembers that stuff?

Mara said...

What can I say, I'm a fanatic... I just want to meet someone who did better than me!