Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rambles on filthy stuff.

I feel better than I did when I posted last. For one thing, I didn't think to call Kristen (not annoying-coworker Kristin, but old UTD scientist-friend Kristen) and see what she was up to before deciding that I have no friends etc. Also, spent yesterday evening with Ashli for the first time in ages. She's doing well now; husband working, new raise at work, etc. It sounds like it was pretty hairy there for awhile but now things are looking brighter. Ashli has promised to get better at staying in touch but I'm not holding my breath. Work yesterday was really busy because it was payday for so many people; the every-other-Friday folk like D, the 15th-and-31st folk like me, and the every-Friday folk all got our monies yesterday. They don't line up like that very often, it's like an eclipse. Except that instead of being an amazing celestial phenomenon, it's just a really busy work-day. I did 250 transactions before going home. For those who aren't immersed in the bank-teller world (most everybody, I hope) that's pretty kick-ass.

D promised earlier that he wasn't working at all this weekend, that we'd have lots and lots of "couple time". Then he amended that to say that he had to go into work early on Saturday but just for a few hours. Guess where he is now, at 1:00p.m. Saturday? Well, he's not here at home. Scratch that, actually, because that might be the garage door now. It's not like I asked for this time or anything, just that he oughtn't go about making promises that he knows he can't guarantee. And all week long, I said "that's nice, sweetie, I'll believe it when I see it though" which pissed him off a little even though (or maybe because) he knew I was right.

Perhaps we can spend some time cleaning up this black hole of an apartment that we habit, do the laundry, make it livable. Right now, the place has a 'smell', that "two dogs and a cat occupy this small space and one of the dogs isn't fully house-broken yet and they both smell" smell. If I ever got a huge raise or a higher-paying job, I think that my frivolous-gift-to-self would be a housecleaning service. Just the one time. I think that if I could get half-way there and let them do the rest the apartment could be wonderful for a day or so. My parents have a lady who comes by twice a month to clean; it was the solution to many scary fights they had after my mom started working full-time again. I never understood why mom insisted on tidying-up the night before Carol was coming, it seemed like she was cleaning for the house-cleaner; now I understand. If you pay someone to spend say three hours cleaning your house, she can only get it really clean if it's already tidy. Can't clean the sink if there are still dirty dishes to be done, or vaccuum if there's stuff all over the carpet that needs to be dealt with. I can spend hours tidying the apartment and not even get to the dusting-vaccuuming-scrubbing part of it.

I once tried to calculate what Carol and her sister make (or could make) cleaning houses and it's unreal. And they get paid in cash, which could mean much lower taxes. And they use supplies and machines furnished by the households, that van seems to be the only overhead. Being in business for yourself, no matter how small the operation, is the only way to make real money, I think.

I'm off to clean the bathroom, yay.

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Benjamin said...

I hope you enjoyed your couple time. It was wonderful to see both of you at Borders. May the sparkling bird of bliss perch ever merrily o'er your domicile.