Thursday, April 20, 2006

A new day

Cheesy, huh? I felt like a cheesy title today. I feel like a cheesy dinner, too; maybe it's just in my mind or something.

Today was stressful, because I had to be phony and smile to someone; had to, because I wasn't confrontational enough to say to her, "You read my blog! Bad so-and-so! Now I don't like you so let's not be fake, ok?"--and clear the air a little. I'm bad at confrontation but worse at fakin' it. Things will probably normalize soon with some kind of conversation. I will not apologize, though, for writing insulting things here, where nobody she knows should be reading. Least of all her!

So enough with all that, I'm trying to not dwell on it anymore. It was SO SLOW at work today, maybe from the weather. When it's too busy I long for a slow period, but days like this drag on and on. When it's busy, time flies and then it's quittin' time.

My parents are finally giving KK the ultimatum: go back to school full-time or say goodbye to the free money. Talk about years too late! At least this will force some kind of decision on her, though, after years of drifting. Because they've been helping her out the whole time, she has no idea what it's like to work for a living. She doesn't fully realize that not every Starbucks employee can afford trips with friends (Austin, California, Padre, Austin...), expensive concert tickets, lots of beer and cigarettes and (most likely) other certain substances.... Waiting tables won't seem so "fun" if she has to log enough hours doing it to pay rent, utilities, food, gas. She's got until mid-May to sign up for summer school at the community college and re-apply at the university. I think it will be so good for her, either way. Either she finally finishes school and starts taking herself somewhat seriously, or she makes her own way in the world, and starts taking herself somewhat seriously. The free money hasn't done her any favors, and this has been a long time coming. It was "a semester off", four years long!

I'll still puppy-sit for her, though. That's not enabling, right? It's better for the dog. And I like seeing her so often. I think I'm taking D out for dinner tonight, if he's up for it. He's been a little down lately because I'm lending him some money to pay off a debt. He doesn't like to ask for help.

Speaking of which-- if anybody out there is paying off a student loan, KEEP ALL PROOF OF PAYMENT! Forever! In a fire-proof box! With photo-copies! Because the government can come after you 15 years after the fact and say that you never paid up and if you don't have the proof that you did, you have to pay all over again, with 15 years' worth of interest tacked on. And 20 years from now, whatever bank you wrote those checks from will have been taken over several times. Unlike most debts (real or not) that expire after I think seven years, debts to the government like student loans never will, and they can dock your pay. Even when you already have half your paycheck going to child support. So I'm lending my sweetie a little dough. It's a good investment.


Benjamin said...

Welcome back.

Mara said...

Thank you. :)

Benjamin said...

I think it's about time for an update. It's either that or a spanking. Take your pick.