Saturday, April 08, 2006

Read it and see!

D and I had AWESOME SEX last night. Just thought I'd share that, since it's not the kind of thing I would mention to anyone I know out loud and this is my journal so neh. The kind where the next day you just feel all laid back and smiling, and when people annoy you, you just think "jeez, he/she/it needs to get laid already" in a very smug kind of way. Today he spent hours cleaning the apartment when I was at work. And made dinner. (I'm not sure who this stranger is, but I think I'll keep him ;) ) That's my guy. I'll try to see him and match it tomorrow re: the apartment because I'm off of course but he has to work do to the massive anti-anti-illegal-immigration-bill march tomorrow that is going to decimate his hotel's staff for the day. Gosh knows the apartment has another day's worth of labor due at least! We're such slobs.

I'm editing my co-worker Ana's thesis paper for her. It's an interesting task; I have no idea what she's talking about but I can fix phrasing and such. I warned her that's it's for grammar and style only, I can't do content. What I really need from her right now is a general outline of the paper so that I can see where I am; she only gave me a few pages so far and I don't know which pages. I didn't have to do a thesis when I graduated, I don't know if that's because it was a different school, or because I didn't graduate with honors, or what. The stress probably would have done me in as I was already really bad off that final semester with the killer gall-bladder/ulcer/heartburn/I'm-sorry-we-can't-figure-out-what-it-is thing.

Off to see if D's up for it again. Figuratively speaking. I think.


Benjamin said...

Glad you got laid! You gotcha freak on! You did the humpty-hump!

Sex is good.

Marie said...

I don't have to write a thesis, but people graduating from the Honors College do.

The whole Honors College thing sounds like a big pain in the ass to me. They have to take extra classes, do community service or something and write a thesis. I'm sure the classes would be fine if I had room for extra electives, but I used all those up doing FUN stuff like acting. And as for everything else, hell if I'm going to do more than I have to.

It's not like you can't still graduate with honors you just don't graduate from the Honors College.

What did you major in, Mara?

Mara said...

Business Administration, with concentrations in Finance and 'Business and the Environment'