Thursday, July 19, 2007


It's all good. Embryo is alive, has a heartbeat. Looks like the Michelin Tire Man, but in a good way. It looks like I'm actually pregnant for the long haul this time...

I had to wait one day to write about it, because yesterday it would have been all gibberish and blubbering, which doesn't translate well onscreen. I cried all over the nurse as she tried to explain various part of my Little Bean as "the yolk sac" and "the arm buds". Honestly it looks just like a blob. But a living, flashing blob; very cute. So different than the dark empty spot in the last one. I called my parents last night to share the news (finally!) and (of course!) they're thrilled to death.

The sickness is getting old. I find myself calculating the statistics: throwing up between two and six times a day, mean of 3, median 2. If I had a point for every new bathroom explored, I'd have a lot of points-- who's in charge of the points, anyway? I need to talk with them. Everyone at work asks me how I feel, multiple times a day. I don't know what to say; do I tell the truth-- I feel crappy, I wish I were at home in bed with my bucket? Because that's getting old and boring. Do I lie and say I'm fine, even though they are asking genuinely? bleh.

HARRY POTTER TOMORROW. SO EXITED. Here are the theories that I'm hoping will bite the dust once and for all:

The Harry-and-Hermione-are-brother-and-sister theory. PLEASE.

The Harry-(or his scar)-is-a-Horcrux theory.

The Harry-will-die theory. (I hope, I hope, I hope...)

The Snape-and-Lily theory. Ewwww. Nuff said there.


Bella said...

Yayayay!!! yay little nugget!! you know, i made it common law to tell everyone EXACTLY how i was feeling... especially as i got further along. it is, undoubtedly, the only time i have ever gotten away with being bitchy. ;)

ayla said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you, and excited for some Potter on Saturday as well.

As for telling people how you're feeling, my policy was to say something about how happy I was to be pregnant, but I could do without the nausea/vomiting/peeing/whatever. Oh, I'm so excited!