Monday, July 23, 2007


Sorry about the netspeak, but I just couldn't help myself...

AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! re: Deathly Hallows.

I can't say anything because I think it's too soon to spoil. I don't want to ruin anything for anybody, so if you haven't finished the book... Hurry Up! There's so much to discuss!

I just saw a button that says, "Less Bombs, More Art Supplies" and it really bugs me. Not because I disagree with the principle, but because it ought to be "Fewer Bombs, More Art Supplies"... right? It gets under my skin.


ayla said...

I was about to post that I still didn't have my copy of the book due to a shipping snafu (my error, I gave Amazon my old address and never changed it), and then my husband walked in and handed it to me. So, I'll get back to you tomorrow. When I'm done reading it. eep!

ayla said...

Okay, now I've finished it. And I agree. I think I'll need to re-read the entire series now just to get my head around it.

Benjamin said...

I agree with Ayla. Re-reading the entire series seems like a good idea.

I look forward, with all my heart, to the Rowling-penned encyclopedia of Harry that (according to you) is due to come out!

Wonder if there'll be more bookstore bashes when that hits the shelf?

Gilderoy will be sure to attend!