Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oy Vey!

Am in the grips of an alien occupation. No longer have control over any aspect of my own life; have been reduced to squirrel-like status of eating-sleeping-hording food, with occasional outbursts of crazy emotion.

I have to eat every couple of hours or else feel that lovely motion-sickness-like pregnancy feeling. This takes a lot of planning and strategy, as I have to actually go to work and stuff. So I have a bag of trail mix in my purse, half my lunch in the break-room fridge, and here at my work-station-- water and part of a cookie. Just to keep from feeling dizzy and nauseus...Really, like a squirrel. And not a paticularly healthy squirrel at that...

For one thing all I want is carbohydrates. Potatoes. I made latkes a few nights ago, only six months out of season. Chanukah food in the middle of summer? But they were so good.

Yesterday Don and I BOTH had the day off, something that only happens every blue moon or so. Most of the day was spent in lessons on "How to treat your pregnant wife":

DO talk to the "baby". DON'T just shout HELLO and blow raspberries on belly.
DO bring her cereal in bed. DON'T say, "here ya go, Barfy!"
DO make dinner. DON'T talk about disgusting things...

Etc. I think we're making progress.

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ayla said...

I was eating constantly while in my first trimester, too. For a while it was carbs, then it switched to protein. Don't worry, it balances out. :D