Friday, March 30, 2007

Whole-house Preg?

All this time, I thought that I wanted to be pregnant, and it turns out that what I really wanted was ... the baby. I guess I had this idea that I would be SO HAPPY about being pregnant that I just wouldn't feel the effects, or something naive like that. I'm so tired and out-of-it now that sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm pregnant and that I'm thrilled about it, otherwise it just feels a bit like the flu. Every night, I come home from work and just crash onto the sofa or bed. The apartment is a mess, I've made a real dinner once in the last 3 weeks. Don is working extra-crazy hours so he's also exhausted, plus I think he's experiencing pregnancy sympathy. He keeps manifesting all these weird symptoms that mirror mine pretty closely-- he's tired, queasy, demanding unusual foods. The dog is also acting wierd, even for her. Extra-needy and very protective. I once woke up on the sofa to find her standing over me, growling out the window at some innocent passers-by. It's like a whole-household pregnancy, except that the cat seems normal.

I think the perfect schedule would be 18 hours of sleep and 6 of eating. Work? Nah.


Circe said...

congrats Mara!
Amanda told me you were a mom to be soon too!
Coolness :)


Benjamin said...

Pregnancy sounds like a real bear. At least it brings everybody in the house together. That's pretty cool.

Bella said...

Oh god... I miss the sleepy days of pregnancy!!!

Bex said...

the cat doesnt feel it cause she doesnt care hehe they are too independent for that. Mac only needs me when he comes in from his rounds in the middle of the night which means I must wake up and pet him.

Anonymous said...

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