Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some politics with your bagel?

It's not exactly Frodo destroying the One Ring, but yay! Democrats back on top. Even if they don't fully get the Senate, there will at least be a balance now. Actually, I kind of feel bad for some of the Republicans because they're all being tarred with the Bush brush, whether they deserve it or not-- so many voters seem to be saying, "You're a Republican just like Bush! This is ALL YOUR FAULT!" even to some of the Reps that don't follow the president's lead much at all. He seems to have messed things up for a lot of the more moderate elephants, and some of them do seem quite reasonable. And some of the new Democrats seem... un-Democratic. Like that new Pensylvania guy, and even Webb here in Virginia-- they both seem so conservative that they may as well be Repulicans after all. But, maybe it'll be these party-benders that meet in the middle and start to un-polarize the whole place? Who knows. What I can't wait for are the 2008 elections! Bring them on!

There is an establishment here in C-ville called Bodo's Bagels. I don't know what the 'Bodo' is-- somebody's name, a nickname, an abbreviation? All I can think of is, Frodo's Bagels! Bagels for the Shirefolk! Right next door to the Green Dragon! It just sounds very middle-earthy. You with me on this one, Ben? The first time Don and I saw it, we sort of exchanged glances like, "Are you thinking something dorky and LOTR-based, too?" Silly minds think alike. They have great bagels though, and cheap too, since it's a student establishment.


Benjamin said...

Do they serve mushrooms and carrots with the bagels and are they served by busty hobbit lasses?

P.S. Bye-bye Mr. Rumsfeld!

Mara said...

There are lots of toppings on the sandwiches. Not sure about carrots, mushrooms, or cabbage.

Amanda said...

but what about the busty hobbit lasses? milk with your bagel? heheh