Saturday, November 25, 2006

Over-worked and over-stuffed

Ohhh, so much stuff going on. So little energy. Started the second job this week, the bookstore/cafe shindig. Different company, different city, but it feels exactly like Borders. Same sarcastic staff, same routines, procedures, ideas. It's scarily familiar. Apparently working an espresso machine is like driving a car... you never forget. Standing behind the machine, it was like I'd been steaming milk and making mochas every day for the last 2 years. But this place is so busy that closing means getting out at or even after midnight, which is rough so far. Tuesday I ended up working from 8:30 in the morning until midnight (16 hours. Sixteen) by stupidly overscheduling myself. Not used to juggling 2 work schedules yet, but it should get better when I get everything balanced into place and get on a regular routine. My body hurts, my back. It's not used to working so long, and standing.

Thanksgiving was fun. Don and I decided to do a sort of Thanksgiving-lite, not calorie-wise (yeah, right) but just the number of dishes and amount of work. So we did the turkey, the bread, the cranberries, the mashed potatoes, the gravy and one pie. Bought the other pie, and skipped the stuffing, the yams, the green beans... it was fun, a glorious mess in the kitchen. The turkey came out a little dry (I'm totally blaming the oven for this one) but nothing the gravy couldn't fix. The gravy... soooo gooood. And with it being just the two of us, we have enough leftovers for days. I was getting kind of homesick, with it being my favorite holiday of the whole year and all. But my parents didn't even 'do' Thanksgiving this year; they went to New Mexico to look at vacation homes in the mountains. Looks like Don and I'll have a place to vacate to pretty soon!

We bought two really nice dining chairs from World Market, the night before Thanksgiving. Pretty, see?

And so comfortable. Don was actually worried that they're too stylish for us, that they won't feel as though they belong with the rest of our stuff. But they're wonderful, and on sale, so he was swayed despite their chic-ness. I'm trying to convince him that we need to buy two more, before they are discontinued or something so that we'll have a whole set, but he's not going for it yet, something about having nowhere to put them and not wanting to buy furniture just to put it in the bedroom closet.

It's nice, now we have a kitchen big enough for a table and chairs, and we have chairs, too!


Benjamin said...

Well, at least now you can get discounted mochas!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Maybe, one of these days, we can all hook up in New Mexico!

Mara said...

That would be so totally excellent!