Thursday, November 30, 2006

The neverending post

The weather here has been freakishly beautiful the last week or so, with balmy 60-degree days instead of the late-November freezing coldness that I would expect. I know that any day now it will revert to normal, but it's so nice. It makes everything more enjoyable-- my walks with Alice, even just getting to work. Every day I walk through the University grounds and past this chapel, which I just love. (I didn't take this picture, obviously. Stock internet photo.) From the outside it's like a tiny, ancient-looking cathedral, all stone arches, Gothic towers, stained glass, and gargoyles. You know, Hogwarts-y. Inside it's just dark and religiousish. It's completely different than the rest of the campus, which is all red-brick federal-style buildings. Also pretty, but not as loveable.

I've been feeling a little sick lately, nothing awful but a persistent sore throat and low-grade fever. It's probably from the sudden increase in stress and activity from the second job, working such long hours. The fever has been giving me funky weird dreams, especially revolving around my former-friend-drama from last month. Dreams in which we're shopping, having fun. Suddenly she's on the other side of the store and refuses to look at me even as I'm trying to walk over, and the store gets bigger and bigger. The logical side of my mind has decided to let the whole thing go, to recognize that there are a lot of issues involved, that aren't mine to deal with. To recognize the fact that neither the friend nor the friendship were what I thought they were. But I guess the ol' subconscious hasn't been listening to the rational.

This post has taken me days to actually finish as I have so much less time to write, or, you know, sleep, or anything. I've never been so grateful for the weekend to finally arrive, especially after yesterday's 8:30 a.m.- midnight workday. I've spent today doing nothing but resting. Don spent his day off cleaning and setting up my desk in the living room, so that right now I'm actually sitting in a chair, at a desk, to use the computer. Whatever would I do without him? We are in the middle of watching each extended-version Lord of the Rings movie, which should culminate either tonight or tomorrow. Good times, good times. I'm attempting free-hand chicken enchiladas tonight, because I'm a little homesick for Tex-Mex goodness and a little spicy will do me good.

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Benjamin said...

It really is wodnerful to have a day or two off. I hope you enjoy them.

That church looks very Hogwartsesque, indeed...